About Us

Quality Personnel, Quality Products, Quality Work. Prior to founding JNT Communications, the company's Chief Operating Officer, John Taylor, spent over 30 years working for GTE/Verizon in a number of positions including Installation Manager, Engineering Manager for GTE of California, and Spokesman for Standardization Management in Irving, Texas.

After retirement from GTE/Verizon, Froniter, and other Telecommunications companies in 1993 John worked for Wolters Communications Contractors first as Manager for Western operations headquartered in Texas then later as Vice President. When the CEO of the company passed away, John took leadership of the organization which changed its name to Woltcom Inc. Over the next four years as the COO, John grew Woltcom Inc. from a $2.5 million a year company to over $20 million.

John left Woltcom, Inc. in 2001 and started JNT Communications Inc., placing personnel with Verizon in various positions, as well as serving as Verizon's sales arm for business services and sales/installation for VoIP systems in North Texas.

Today and in the future, JNT continues to offer the latest, best-quality electronics for its customers with a focus on High Definition Video Surveillance equipment, all types of new business phone systems, and replacement parts for existing systems.

Integrity and quality are the rules that JNT Communications lives by, and all work and equipment are guaranteed.